Autoloc Door Popper Wiring Diagram | Classic Wiring Diagram

Autoloc Door Popper Wiring Diagram

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K9 Door Popperâ„¢ Installation Manual Review the K9 Door Popperâ„¢ Installation Diagram to get an overview of the hardware placement, wiring and connections. have the installer re-check the wiring. This Feature disables the Door Popper when the car is in motion.

Help with wiring door poppers OK, in the diagram ex01 the (O) is the popper and wire (a) is the wire that is used to activate the Popper from the computer when you push the button on the FOB. Wire (b) is connected to a button that is used to open the car from the interior.

WIRING DIAGRAMS 1 2 TECH SUPPORT HOTLINE: 503.693.1918 WWW.AUTOLOC.COM TECH SUPPORT: 503.693.1918 WWW.AUTOLOC.COM ACTUATOR MOUNTING 1. Remove all the handles, fittings, and arm rests from the door. 2. Remove the door's interior panel by inserting a screw driver between the door, and door panel. Once inserted pry off the door panel by

AutoLoc AUTSVPRO5 - AutoLoc SV-Pro Series Shaved Door Handle Kits Compare Door Lock Actuator, 8 Function 50 Lbs Remote Shaved Door Popper Kit

Edited: 2/22/2008 3:40:52 PM by madmax95 ok, i got the autoloc door poppers, can some one post anything to help me out hookng this up, pics, info, tips, anything. it shows 86 and 30 on the relay going to the battery? why 2? also, what goes from the relay to the remote transmitter? any help please.. i can do this, just need some help! i just need to pop open my doors, thats it. nothing else im